Caroline Weinstein


Caroline Weinstein


Caroline Weinstein is a fully registered Clinical Psychologist, a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychology. Caroline has over 15 years experience working with adults and adolescents in a range of settings including; mental health services, community health, tertiary education facilities, the forensic arena and in private practice. Caroline takes a “biopsychosocial” approach to optimal health, i.e. the interaction between the physical systems of the body, psychological make-up and social issues. She uses a wide range of evidence based therapeutic methods (including but not limited to; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client, each of which places a significant emphasis on the quality of the relationship between the client and the psychologist. Caroline can assist adult and adolescent clients in areas related to personal wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, work, recreation, health and clients experiencing both acute and chronic life crises and mental health conditions.


Caroline currently works at headspace – the National Youth Mental Health Foundation with young people aged 12-25 years and at The Talking Cure Psychology Group with both youth and adult clients. She provides psychological intervention for general psychological issues including but not restricted to: depression and mood disorders, anxiety and panic disorders, stress management, self-harming behaviours, substance use, anger management, sleep disorders, abuse and trauma, perinatal counselling and grief and loss.


Caroline has a holistic approach to well-being, and hence her approach to counselling is that each individual is the expert of their own experience and has an innate capacity for growth and development. The therapeutic environment is viewed as an opportunity for a collaborative process whereby new and innovative ways to view and deal with life issues are challenged and explored.

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